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Smile, cus' tomarrow you might be dead!

June 19th, 2006

Serenity's Morals post # 4 @ 10:21 pm

Current Mood: blah blah

Moral: Dont give up, somtimes you are so down it cant get anyworse, and thats when somthing brings you back up. 

How I learned: I've spent the past 13 weeks being completely ignored by my friends, I know your thinking friends? hahaha! but seriousely, and in one night I got invited by two differnt people to go to two differnt places. (Even though ones an asylum, Its still really cool)

Oh, I found this on Ljsecret and I thought it would lighten up anyones day

June 18th, 2006

Serenity's Morals post # 3 @ 09:36 pm

Current Mood: awake awake

Moral: Don't do drugs. Just don't. Medication is met to help you when your sick, not get you high. 

How I learned: I have been taking the anti-depressants I use to be on so I could focus. My doctor took my off my pills a week ago, but we still have a full bottle left. See, my anti-depressants work like speed and ritalin in a way. I can focus and do things. Its works but it's wrong, very wrong. I plan on stopping.


June 17th, 2006

Serenity's Morals post # 2 @ 01:11 am

Current Mood: sore sore

Moral for today: When you mess up big time, remember there is so much love clenched with in your fist. Express you self, and try not to mess up again. But remeber cutting is stupid, really stupid. Just because phycical pain is easier to deal with than emotional pain does not mean you self inflict it. And always remember to stay calm in troubled times.

How I learned: My step mom Joyce get sick in a walmart today, gave me her debit card, and asked me to go buy a cheap pair of shorts. (she threw up on her pants). I had a panic attack and bought a pair of capris with my cash. Joyce verbally abused me for messing up. Upset, regretful, and embarressed I cut tonight after my parents were asleep. I see I have made a mistake, but when broken things can be easily fixed.

June 16th, 2006

To my first post! *cheers* @ 12:34 am

Current Mood: hungry hungry

Wow, its really late here and im hungry. Okay, so school let out which leaves me with a whole summer of free time! (free time meaning- time between my job, babysitting, studying, almost non-existence social life, sleeping, and eating.) So I've decided to start a blog to help people! To teach lessons I learned from my days mistakes. And maybe becoming internet famous and having an internet boyfriend and cliche' would be pretty sweet also. So heres to my first post! Cheers everyone! Lets start with the basic facts about me. Im Serenity, im 14, unnatural black hair brown eyes, I live in Virginia, and uh...im starting a blog this summer! Lol. Hopefully it will be a video blog by the end of this summer! K, know im going to switch to helpful blog droid mode. Ttyl!

Today's mistakes:
Not saying goodbye.
Lesson learned:
Always say goodbye, because you never know if its going to be the last time you see that person. Become leave your life as quik as they come, and sometimes its unpredictable. If someone suddenly disapears make sure they know how you feel about them first.
How I learned this:
This school crush of mine may be put up for adoption this summer, I should've said goodbye to him. 

Thats it for know, Ill have more tomarrow, I promise!

Smile, cus' tomarrow you might be dead!